Unit W – The IDI Workbook

Step 4: How Will You Get There?

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Before you start teaching, you will identify activities and create all needed materials for class. At the end of the class, you can take brief notes on how it all went.

This step in IDI is where you develop your class outlines (lesson plans), then teach and assess the students’ progress.

4.1 Develop & Teach Course  – Results

  • List of potential activities for upcoming sessions
  • Identification of available & required equipment, materials, & technology
  • Finalization of your syllabus
  • Finalized class outline for next class session.
  • List of all materials needed for class session.
  • Handouts, slides, and other materials for each part of class session.
  • Completed class session.
  • Notes on how it went.

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4.2 Assess Students – Results

  • Analysis of how well students are progressing.
  • Remedial actions needed to support student learning.
  • Feedback to students.

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