Unit C – Teaching Practices

Some of the most commonly used techniques in teaching are provided below as a starting point to common approaches. These range from a general timeline for course development to specific teaching approaches such as group work.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but manuals such as McKeachie’s Teaching Tips (Svinicki & McKeachie, 2014) provide many more.

Chapters included in Unit C:

 Chapter TitleOverview
C1Schedule for Course DevelopmentBasics on preparing each step
C2Learning Goals, Outcomes, & ObjectivesWriting good outcomes and SMART objectives
C3SyllabusCreating your syllabus and what to include
C4The First Class SessionSetting up your class at the first session
C5Technology UseDetermining what technology you need
C6LecturesBest practices for lectures
C7Assessments & ActivitiesOptions for types of assessments, identifying activities, etc. Student Project Management
C8Course ReadingsSelecting course readings
C9Class DiscussionsManaging discussions
C10Feedback on Student Assignments & AssessmentsImportance of providing appropriate feedback
C11Group WorkSetting up groups for best performance
C12Improving the Course & Your TeachingHow to improve with each course