10 Actions to Help Student Readiness

Both my kids went away to university for their first year. They were both miserable and came home for their second year. Part of this was the complete change in social life, but a major part was that they were lost on what was expected of them academically and how to study. First-year students often … Read more

How to Cheat Using ChatGPT

Chat GPT is a free, online artificial intelligence product. You can create a free account at https://chat.openai.com/auth/login. ChatGPT and similar AI tools can be helpful to researchers, but to instructors, they provide yet another barrier to identify student cheating. Instructors keen on determining honest student responses have a difficult task. You could try comparing all … Read more

Rubrics – Why, What, & How

Why While grading most assessments and assignments can be fairly simple, more complex student work such as essays and creative work may require more instructor time and thought for grading. For these and many other student works, you may find a rubric helpful. Developing a rubric can help you identify what is important about the … Read more