Unit W – The IDI Workbook

Step 3: How Will You Know If You Get There?

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Student assessments, aligned to the learning outcomes and objectives, help you and your students measure progress toward the course goals. Course and teaching assessments help you identify how you can improve the current course and, potentially, other courses you teach. In this chapter you will decide what types of assessments and when in the course term to use them. You will also identify course reading materials at this point.

3.1 Develop Assessments & Rubrics – Results

  • Identification of how you will assess student learning
  • Assessment description and questions– such as quiz and test questions, assignment details, etc.
  • Rubrics for each assessment
  • Selection of course readings and other materials your students will need
  • A schedule for when each assessment will take place
  • Updates to your syllabus

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3.2 Develop Instruments to Evaluate the Course – Results

  • Identification of process for end-of-course student evaluations of teaching
  • Planning for any other course evaluation tools

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