Unit W – The IDI Workbook

Step 5. How Did It Go?

5.2 Identify changes asdfasdfasdf

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OLD Throughout your course you have noted changes and improvements. This chapter asks you to take time to reflect on all of these and identify specific changes for this and other courses.

5.2 Results (What)

  • Notes on changes for the next course offering.
  • Notes on how you can improve other courses.
  • A Schedule for making changes.

5.2 Overview (Why)

This last step is identifying changes based on the evaluation you just completed. For troublesome areas, you will want to identify how you can either eliminate or minimize and mitigate issues. You may want to work with some of the following centers at your institute:

  • teaching and learning center and/or
  • student success center and/or
  • diversity and inclusion center
  • accessibility center

5.2 Suggestions/Instructions (How & What If)

  1. Based on your review in 5.1, ask yourself:
    • What could I have done differently to support students to reach the outcomes? (C12)
    • What outcomes and objectives need to be revised or eliminated? (C12)
    • What outcomes and objectives need to be added? (C12)
    • Why did the unsuccessful students not accomplish the outcomes? (C12)
    • If students in specific demographic groups had issues, what can I do to improve learning for them? (C12)
  2. Create concrete goals for yourself to improve your next offering of this course.(C12)
  3. Create concrete goals for yourself to improve other courses you will teach. (C12)
  4. For each goal, create SMART objectives and a schedule for implementation. (C12)
5.2 Worksheets

5.2. Course and Teaching Changes
Using the 5.1 worksheet, identify specific changes, additions, and subtractions for future courses.

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